About Us.


The Organization was supported by UNHCR in 2016 through the Youth Initiative Fund (YIF) to train young refugees and host Community Youths in Peace Building and Conflict resolutions in Uganda. At AYAN, we believe that the youth are well positioned to organize and participate in promoting a movement of sustainable peace through the organization of positive, non-violent, community-building activities, through trainings, mentorship, community outreach programmes in the Great Lakes Region and other volatile Parts of Africa. The organization has reached out to adolescents and young people below 35 years of age in refugee settlements and urban centres where there are south Sudanese Youth to address consequence of conflict and violence in South Sudan such as stress and psychosocial trauma among young South Sudanese living in Uganda.

Who We are

The African Youth Action Network (AYAN) is a youth-led organization fronting youth as advocates for social and integrated development. AYAN is motivated to bestow overall responsibility upon the youth to coordinate, execute and oversee delivery of a suite of services and economic empowerment initiatives to refugee communities, Internally Displaced Persons, and youth in Uganda and South Sudan. Over the years, AYAN’s focus has continuously evolved due to the emerging challenges that form barriers to peace and development, as a result AYAN adapts, adopts and innovates new mechanisms that align development interventions to the prevailing circumstances and pressing needs of the target population.

Founded in June 2015, in Uganda, the organization is currently registered in South Sudan as a National NGO and Regional NGO in Uganda.


We envision a peaceful world offering youth an opportunity to participate and involve themselves in socio-economic development decisions and activities.


To provide a platform that harnesses and nurtures young people’s personal, community and national aspirations, ideas and potentials to promote peace and development through informed, innovative and value driven approaches.